Passive Pickup Response Tripler

In a market absolutely flooded by impractical “effect” pedals, it’s time to take a step back. When and where did the great tones all start? In the golden age, it started with the guitar, went through the cable, and into the amp. The signature is always in the performance, but the way to change your tone in those days was essentially either different pickups or different amps. The Decade is totally unique and innovative, in that it uses point to point wiring and passive circuitry to alter the frequency response of your pickups. The net result is the same as what makes pickups different in the first place; the number of winds on the coil. 60’s mode is like unwinding your pickup, allowing shimmering highs through that were previously buried. 70’s mode is like adding winds to your pickup, and showcases the woody mids that are sometimes just what is needed. Your amp still “sees” the guitar’s impedance connected so your guitar to amp link remains pure even when the pedal is “on”. The Decade will triple the total number of pickup sounds you can get out of any passive guitar.

Please note, the Decade must be the first pedal in your chain as it must interface with the instrument. It will not work as intended with active pickup systems. The pedal is equipped with a standard 2.1mm DC power jack which only powers the l.e.d. indicators as the circuit is truly passive.

Each pedal is hand finished, assembled and wired in Burbank, California.  Each limited series production example is serialized, and every pedal packaged in its own custom solid wood box and velvet pouch.